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Thursday, July 19th, 2007
12:52 pm
Cook Books
Has anyone received the books yet?

Current Mood: curious
Wednesday, May 16th, 2007
5:25 pm
got pics!
here are pics of the notebooks and a couple recipe pages

1:53 pm
almost in the mail
the notebooks are ready to go. i have photos but my computer is being difficult. will try to get them posted later today or tomorrow. i am mailing the notebooks on my way to work this afternoon.

i have addresses for the following people:


if you have not sent me your address yet, please do so. you can e-mail it to sleeplessinlasvegas@hotmail.com

the following notebooks are being mailed to the following people:

entrees -- fatcook
desserts -- willedit
side dishes -- quextico

i really want to keep track of these notebooks. i know that i have invested quite a bit of time (and money) into creating them and j do not want them to get lost. so, when you receive a notebook, please do the following:

1. post in the community which notebook you received and the date you received it

after you have added your recipes:

1. mail it and then post in the community which notebook you mailed, the lj name of the person you mailed it to and the date you mailed it

i am going to use the list of addresses in the memories section to track the notebooks. when you receive a notebook and have finished with it, just go to the memories section and pick a name off the list

i will post the how much i paid to mail the notebooks later so that everyone has a rough idea of the cost. i plan on sending them first class. notebooks can also be mailed as media which is generally much cheaper but it is also much slower. however, if this is a better option for you, please go ahead and do it.
Monday, May 14th, 2007
4:08 pm
update on the notebooks -- almost ready
the main dish/entree notebook is ready to be mailed out. i plan on finishing the one for side dishes and the one for recipes tomorrow morning. so, they will either go out in the mail tomorrow afternoon or wednesday morning. i didn't like the stickers i bought for the side dishes and dessert notebooks so i am going back to michael's tomorrow morning.

i have included several recipes of my own in each book to give people an idea of how to do it. when i mail them out, i will post the names of the people the notebooks are being sent to.

when you receive a notebook, please make a post here in the community. when you mail it out, please make another post and give the name of the person it is being mailed to. i will have a list of names/addresses in memories within the next couple of days or so.

i want to keep track of these notebooks so that they do not become lost.

recipes i am including include golden pork chops, pistachio cream pie, frog legs, creamy shrimp bisque, holiday green beans, mexican rice and a few more.

i will post pics of the notebooks before i mail them!

p.s. remember, if you have any friends you think might be interested in doing this, please let them know about this community. thanks!
Friday, May 11th, 2007
7:13 am
why are you doing notebooks?
I'm interested in the dessert cookbook. But wouldn't it be easier just to email the recipes to you as opposed to putting them in a physical notebook? just a suggestion

Re: I'm interested

yes, it would be easier. a lot easier. but i think this would be more fun and more interactive and will hopefully lead to a more creative/memorable cookbook. my idea at this time is to scan or photocopy the pages of the notebooks to use in the final product(s). that is why i also suggested that people decorate the pages.

however, if people would simply like to submit recipes by e-mail, i will accept those also and either include them somehow in the cookbook or send them out as a separate PDF.

i've had a couple people ask why i don't just put together a database of recipes, print them up and mail them out (or just e-mail them). i am not sure i can really explain how i envision these cookbooks turning out. i would like for them to reflect the personalities of the people who contribute recipes. that is why i suggested that people tell 'stories' behind the recipes or include comments about the recipes and decorate the pages their recipes are written on.

btw, i plan on picking up the notebooks today and getting started on them. i will post pics of them before i mail them out.
Thursday, May 10th, 2007
9:56 am
the notebooks
here is how i plan on dividing the notebooks into sub-categories. if you have any suggestions, please let me know

1. entrees -- beef & lamb/poultry/seafood/miscellaneous/crockpot
2. side dishes -- appetizers & dips/vegetable, pasta & rice/soups & salads/crockpot
3. desserts -- cakes & pastries/cookies/breads/miscellaneous

yes, i AM a huge fan of the crockpot

also, these do NOT have to be original recipes (something that you created). they can be recipes given to you by your mother, grandmother, favorite aunt or best friend. they can be recipes from rachel ray, bobby flay, the barefoot contessa, paula's home cooking, emeril lagasse and etc. just make sure you make a note of where the recipe came from.

in addition to the recipes, if there is a 'story' behind the recipe (i.e. "this recipe has been handed down in our family for 5 generations and the only time we ever have it is on Thanksgiving Day") or you just want to make comments about the recipe (i.e. "this is a really good one for kids!" or "i like this one because it is so rich and creamy" or "this one is really easy to make!"), please do so. if you want to decorate the pages somehow, go for it. i would like for these notebooks to be as creative as possible.
9:50 am
how do i sign up?
1. join the community and add it to your friends list
2. send me you mailing address and tell me which notebook you would be interested in. you can submit recipes for just one, two or all three

i am going to screen replies for this entry since i am gathering addresses. HOWEVER, i plan on putting the addresses in the memories section for easy access when participants are mailing the notebooks so if you do not want your address to be available to the members of this community, do NOT participate

i am also going to close this community fairly soon that only members do have access to that information.
Wednesday, May 9th, 2007
5:17 pm
Welcome to the L-J Cookbook Community. I have been talking about putting together a cookbook with my own recipes for a couple of years and sending it out to family and friends at Christmas. For one reason or the other (usually none of them very good reasons), I never got it done. And now I have came up with this bright idea!

I would like to create a L-J cookbook or cookbooks. My idea is to send out three separate notebooks -- one each for entrees, side dishes and desserts -- among my L-J friends and their friends and so forth. Whenever you receive a notebook in the mail, you would add a recipe (or two or three or however many you want) and then mail the notebook to the next person on the list.

I would like all notebooks to be returned to me no later than Oct. 1. If a notebook becomes full and it is not yet October, the notebook can be returned to me and I will mail out a replacement.

After I receive the completed notebooks, I will put together a cookbook for everyone that is interested. Depending on the number of recipes, it may be one big cookbook or it may be three seperate cookbooks. I will then find out how much it will cost to self-publish these cookbooks and offer them for sale through the community (unless I hit MegaBucks and then it will be my gift to everyone). I will try to get the cookbooks assembled and printed as cheaply as possible so that everyone who is interested can afford them. I am not doing this to make any profit whatsoever. I will also offer a PDF of all the recipes absolutely free of charge to anyone who wants it. I repeat, this is NOT to make money. I just love to cook and thought it would be a good idea. The goal will be to have these cookbooks ready by late November. Just in time for the holidays.

If you are interested in participating, please go ahead and join the community. I will be working out the details within the next day or so. I plan on purchasing the notebooks and getting them started this weekend and mailing them out on Monday or Tuesday. If you have any suggestions about how to do all of this, please feel free to leave comments here or e-mail me at sleeplessinlasvegas@hotmail.com.
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